What is EGG?

It's all about gaming with friends... or making new friends while learning new games.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is EGG anyway?

    EGG, or Eugene Games Gala, was started by Lorna Dune for one purpose only... to play more games. She wanted to create a small local convention where all gamers from Eugene and Springfield could meet, make friends, and play. It has grown to include gamers from all over Oregon, but still remains focused on playing games rather than the marketing push of larger conventions. For dates and more information, check out our Events page or sign up for our newsletter.

  • Eugene Games Gala vs a Gameday?

    EGG stand for Eugene Games Gala which is a 3 day gaming event in February each year. The Eugene Games Gala does have a fee which helps pay for the event venue, refreshments, game library, and other expenses. Gamedays are single day events held during the year which are donation only (or use our Support page). They are quarterly events which should be listed on this site under Events. Sign up for our newsletter to get reminders.

  • What should I bring?

    Bring yourself! You'll find a lot of gamers bring their own games, but we have an extensive game library available. There will be people eager to teach games. You can bring a lunch. We usually provide bagels, coffee, and tea, but there are local restaurants within walking distance including one in-house. If you do bring your own games, it's a good idea to put a sticker or business card inside to make sure it gets back to your pile. We've never had trouble with thieves, but gamers sometimes forget from which pile they borrowed. Communicate with gamers in the forum under Discuss.

  • Does it cost anything?

    Gamedays are free! However, Lorna is paying for the venue out of pocket, so donations are appreciated. You can support us by buying some EGG swag on our RedBubble store or patronizing us on Patreon. The Eugene Games Gala is a 3 day fee event. You can see the prices under the Events page by selecting the date of the Gala. Money goes towards the event venue, refreshments, game library, and other expenses. Every dollar helps make this event better each year. Our Support page provides several ways to give to the cause!

  • How do I register?

    You can register for the Eugene Games Gala by going to the Events page and selecting the date of the Gala (if it has been posted). You will see a Register button at the top of that page. Once in registration, type in your name and email address. Select from the ticket options (there are several). We only provide PayPal, but let us know if you need more options by contacting Lorna at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Remember, gamedays are free and do not require registration. 

  • Are there any rules?

    Good question! Yes. Don't be a jerk. What does that mean? It means, make sure you are polite. If you borrow a game, take care of it, and put it back where you found it. Don't use profanity. There are families here. If you are a family, make sure you accompany your child at all times. Wear deodorant. Do we have to explain why? If you eat in the convention hall, make sure you clean up after yourself, and don't get it on any games. If an accident does happen, let Lorna know right away. If you don't know who Lorna is... go to our About page and discover Chief EGGhead.

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