Realm of Sand

„If you enjoy polyomino games, Realm of Sand will fit right in!“

Lorna Dune

Realm of Sand is a new game from EmperorS4. It features Maisherly’s wonderful fantasy art on the cards.

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Walking in Burano

„I like the challenge of racing to finish a building to grab the tourist or inhabitant you want since they are limited.“

Lorna Dune

Walking in Burano is the 5th game in EmperorS4’s small box line. It’s a compact little drafting and placement game. Players build their colorful houses in Burano and try and attract tourists and inhabitants. This game has the cutest, smallest little start player cat.

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EGG has a new website!

Eugene Games Gala's new website is finally live! We've got information, registration, and a forum all in one simple to use experience. We hope you enjoy the new site... and use it. The more you use it, the better you feel... so use after every meal.

No really... in order for this site to be useful, it needs to be used (it's circular). It's good for us to know if you are coming to the Gala, so use the Registration under Events to let us know, and pay for the days you are coming. You can use the forum under Discuss to talk about gamedays with your friends, and plan out what games you are going to play. You can buy merchandise or support us through Patreon on the Support page. If you need to get registered to use the site, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a user name and password. You can also sign up for our Newsletter to keep informed on the next gameday, other gaming events, and occasional contests. 

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

It's time for nice weather and gardening time here in Oregon. In honor of that I'm writing about Hanamikoji. 21 Flowers is a 2 player card game with a small central board and two tiny player boards. There are 21 cards which represent 7 different flower factions. Some of the factions have varying numbers of cards numbers in the deck. The game is self-published by the designer(I believe) and distributed by Takamagahara.

The goal of the game is control 4 factions or to have 11 points at the end of a round. The point value ranges from 2 to 5. Faction control is determined by the player with the most cards representative of the faction in their tableau at the end of the round. In case of a tie, the position of the faction does not change either it remains neutral or in control of the player who controlled it the previous round.

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Taiwan Boardgame Design

„Ok so recently TBD games have piqued my interest. I have picked up Jungle Rumble and Cat Tower from last year which I liked. .“

Lorna Dune

I also picked up Flip City which takes deck building to the next level. Design town is a short filler. You have a small deck of 9 starting cards. Your deck is face up so you know the first card you'll play. This is one of the neat things about the game. The cards are double sided with different buildings and functions on each side. You have to be careful not to accidentally flip the cards.

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