Eugene Games Gala
Board Game Convention

Holiday Inn, Springfield, Oregon

What is EGG?

Eugene Games Gala is a board game convention held 4 times a year.

Where is it?

Eugene Game Gala is held in a convention hall at the Springfield Holiday Inn.

When is it?

EGG is quarterly with 3 game days and one larger 3 day event in February.

How much is it?

Gamedays are donation only. The 3 day Gala does have a registration fee. 

Euro Games

High Strategy

Thematic Games

Get into Character

Family Games

Fun for Everyone

When is the next gameday?

Game days are quarterly with the larger convention held in February. The big convention has a small fee, but game days are by donation. Come, try it out!

Event Dates


Feb 7-9 | 9 am to 11:30 pm
Holiday Inn, Springfield

Meet Lorna Dune,
Chief EGGhead

I love games and playing games. In fact,
I loveplaying so much I started running
gamedays and a board game convention
here in Eugene about 12 years ago...

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